Our Manifesto

smokeAliens® “From Art to Fashion” is a sustainable fashion brand and reachable art brand based on the personal project of the photographer José Luis Tejedor, smokeAliens.

smokeAliens® pretends to bring closer the sustainable fashion, and make the art accessible to the public by 100% ecological products created from the mysterious things, always under the fair trade guaranty.

smokeAliens® proposes to dive in our inner space to perceive each product individually, projecting ourselves into it.

We propose a brand that values the authenticity of consumers as unique beings, without pre-established labels or imposed filters that define them.

We defend a society where neither gender nor age are relevant to achieve what we want. The smokeAliens don’t have gender, are asexual. Neither do they have age. The smokeAliens® products can be consumed by anyone.

We also defend a society where basic human being values and ecological values could save our planet. Things we love can evaporate as quick as smoke that has been captured by the artist just before to blur forever. That’s why smokeAliens are here to stay. They are not from this planet, they are from our inner space. Let’s look inside and make a change.